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 Chocoku: it is one practice the theory of which we cannot explain that during meal between webmasters, never having to eat at webmaster's table I am a chocokuiste greenhorn.

UP: after numerous meals underground, this practice is not any more a secret. The chocoku is a mixture of pink hat, black hat and white hat, it is a mixture - hat, a standard chocoku, more powerful than the W3C, in brief the Chocoku.

 The purpose of the competition is to position its page for the request "Chocoku" in 1st place, simultaneously on the following four engines: Google, MSN, Yahoo! et Voila...

Chocoku is a competition on several engines, which has either date no beginning, or dates the end: everything takes place on : Chocoku Land

Validation Chocoku :

chocoku valide
css'chocoku valide
   To take away(To gain) this competition, it will be necessary to position on the request " chocoku ".
Who said impossible mission? Impossible is not chocoku, then let us warm the engines which will not have chocoku, place in the chocoku of the gnome!

Thanks to the chocoku links.


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