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  A born militating chocoku, he cannot be allowed walk on feet, because the finger, finally you want no whiskey at first?

chocoku militant

  We always say that the French chocoku made the revolution, set the fortress in 1789... But it is false! The revolution is the return in the first order, except in first time, there was no order!
The chocoku would be anarchist?

chocoku et anarchie

  I think that he owes the being, but not in the common vision, only neither the God, nor the boss, the freedom, the equality, the brotherhood... It is strange, but that me reminder something...
It is moreover for it that the chocoku rebels against Google and its tyranny and what he shouts loud and clear: a tyrannical power is an old old slipper which it is necessary to throw (OK it is Calvin who said it the first one!).
page rank Google

   Yes, the chocoku was also touched by Google and its MAJ of PR, it has even to blacklist pages... No more the tyranny! I would indeed make a link towards Exalead and DeepIndex...

 I finished my apple, I return to work.

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