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CPays .com online casino contest

CPayscom2 online casino is a seo contest organized by CPays, which also organized an affiliates gambling program for webmasters.Everybody can join, without any limitation, it offers a lot of free marketing tools. You have to join on the site, otherwise you cannot gain money from advertising the online casino site of CPays.

 CPayscom2 Online Casino

 At the term in the contest of casinos online, the February 1, 2007, the names winners will be knew and will get the following rewards :

$10,000 for the winner and other price for the other.
This big price is of for the popular performance. The search engine being fastidious and difficult for the sites of on-line games, in particular the casinos.

CPayscom2 Online Casino

 To win this contest, it will be obligatory themselves place on the request "CPayscom2 Online Casino" at the date in February 1, 2007 on 12:00 GMT.

 At the two check-up points during the contests, additional prizes will be given by the organisation:

October 1 – 2006 : $1,000 - #1 MSN for "CPayscom2 Online Casino"
December 1 – 2006 : $1,000 - #1 MSN for "CPayscom2 Online Casino"

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