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This page will participate to the SEO World Championship French and winner...
French Task Force is in the place to help all the french people who wants to play to the SEO Championship....

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The selected keyword will be officially announced on our web site, at 13.00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) the 15th of January, 2007. With your help we will advance Search Engine Marketing technology and knowledge while using SEO as an educational tool. For every contestant that enrols Eastpoint Group will donate a specific sum to the Red Cross organization.

Seo Championship : To Win

On May 1st, 2007 we will make a search for "the keyword" on, and and combine the scores and subsequently determine a winner. The keyword was Globalwarming Awareness2007. The score is calculated by giving points to position 1 - 10 in each search engine. You will receive 10 points for a number one spot, and 1 point for a number 10 spot.

My Page : Globalwarming Awareness2007

This page will participate to the Globalwarming Awareness2007 SEO World Championship.


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